Landlords Insurance

we help you plan for the unexpected

Being a landlord means entrusting your property with tenants, usually for a significant period of time – ideally, you want this journey to go as smoothly as possible. Although, within the length of the tenancy, there are potential risks that can result in you left burdened with unexpected financial problems.

At Eminence Mortgages, we want to help our clients plan for the unexpected. We want to ease any worries you may have surrounding potential damage to your property and how you would deal with this. Landlord insurance safeguards you from financial loss. It is a bespoke type of insurance that protects landlords against issues commonly associated with letting a property.

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Landlord insurance can help you continue with
minimal disruptions

Tenants can cause damage to your property and can also make unauthorised renovations which can result in you facing financial hardship while trying to make amends. Simiarly, you may have a dispute with a tenant, or an unforeseen circumstance may occur where you suffer a loss of rental payment. Landlord insurance can help you continue with minimal disruptions to your livelihood, regardless of these obstacles. The policy can cover various issues such as fires, flooding, boiler breakdown, lost keys, vandalism, and more.

We highly advise taking out landlord insurance to protect your property, as standard home insurance often does not cover properties used for rental purposes. Additionally, before you let out to tenants, it’s best to check with your mortgage lender on whether you require landlord insurance, as you could breach your terms if not.

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